Chin Strap - CPAP Organisation Australia
Chin Strap - CPAP Organisation Australia
Chin Strap - CPAP Organisation Australia
Chin Strap - CPAP Organisation Australia
Chin Strap - CPAP Organisation Australia
Chin Strap - CPAP Organisation Australia


Chin Strap Australia

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Improve Your CPAP therapy with a CPAP Chin Strap Reduce Snoring

By keeping the mouth closed, this chin strap will force the user to breathe through the nose and allow them to sleep comfortably without snoring.


● Includes adjustable strap for best fit
● Made with high quality, soft & breathable fabric for maximum comfort
● Easy to use and maintain - hand wash with warm water and mild detergent


1. Position and fit the wide chin strap over your chin with the longer of the two slim straps facing the back.
2. Slide the two slim straps past up your cheeks, leaving the shorter strap at the top of your head and the longest strap to the back of your head.
3. If necessary, adjust the velcro adhesive on each side to provide sufficient support.

Note: If you require assistance or have any difficulties with fitting the chin strap with a CPAP mask, please consult your CPAP provider.

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If you have any questions about why this product is one of the most effective chin straps Australia has to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

CPAP Chin Strap FAQs

Why would I use a CPAP chin strap?

Air can leak out of the user’s mouth when they are using a nasal or nasal pillow mask, which can compromise their CPAP therapy. Mouth leaks can dry out the mouth, prevent effective therapy, and disrupt sleep. A chin strap keeps the mouth closed and ensures that CPAP therapy is as effective as possible.

Are CPAP chin straps safe?

Chin straps are safe for patients who snore with their mouths open, but they are not recommended for those who snore through their nostrils or who have nasal congestion. To find out if a chin strap is right for you, consult your doctor or sleep specialist.

What are indicators that I need a sleep apnea chin strap?

There are 3 main indications that you could benefit from a chin strap during your CPAP therapy. These are:

1. You have a high leak rate according to readings from your CPAP sleep apnea machine.
2. Your mouth drops open when you are using a full face masks, which breaks the seal of your mask.
3. You often wake up with a dry mouth, throat and/or tongue.

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